Team Envy
Nrg Esports


It's a 3-1 loss to @teamendpoint for the #SFV boys at @Gfinity #EliteSeries. Tune in tomorrow as our CS Academy takes on @ProphecyTeam!

2017-07-21 20:42:05

Pistol round goes our way and we march forward 3-0 early in game 1! 📺: #DHVLC17 #CSGO

2017-07-21 20:53:48

#EnVyCOD come out with a strong 3-1 win over @Epsilon_eSports at #GPL. GGs! We'll be back later with the final series of the night vs Optic.

2017-07-21 21:10:36

#EnVyCS leads @NRGgg 10-5 at the half on Cobble. Join us as we look to close it out on T-side! #EoD

2017-07-21 21:15:12

#EnVyCS sweep T-side cobble for a 16-5 win over @NRGgg at #DHATL17. GGWP! #BoysInBlue

2017-07-21 21:28:57

That 2-0 from @NairoMK and @TSMZeRo was so obscene it killed all the @DreamHack streams.. They move forward into wi…

2017-07-21 21:46:53

The #YoungSavage @NRGAmnesiac is up on stream vs RayC 👊 📺:

2017-07-21 22:11:25

Pirean Transferred To Phoenix1 #NALCS #EnVyLoL

2017-07-21 22:16:54

We're pleased to bring you "In The Pit": a new docuseries covering the Envy NALCS team. Watch Episode 1 now #EnvyITP

2017-07-21 22:20:43

RT @Cory_nV: Really Proud of how this came out

2017-07-21 22:25:19

RT @hastr0: You all asked for more content around our NALCS team so we delivered it in a big way.

2017-07-21 22:25:44